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"As a fitness trainer and massage therapist, I care about my personal health and my clients' health. Exercise (working off calories) is only a part of a healthy lifestyle & the other part is eating habits (putting in calories). I'm always looking for healthy 'treats' or healthy chocolate (if such a thing exists). By healthy, I mean low in fat, carbs, and sugar, but tasty. My search has finally ended with Ruth and her Treasured Earth Foods desserts! I especially love the mint chocolate kikas - they fit my criteria exactly! Small portions, tasty, low in fat, carbs, and sugar, and as a bonus, there's even vegetables in them! You just won't believe how tasty they are until you try them! When you want just a little something sweet without having to work it off, go for the Treasured Earth treats!" Teresa

"I visited my cousin in Austin a while back and tasted some of your cookies.  They were wonderful!! .....My husband was recently diagnosed with diabetes type 1 and we were hoping to get some for him to snack on!"  Meagan

"The last time we got some chocolate mint kikas and loved them.......Thanks, we love your product!" Carrie W.

"Last Saturday was the second time I have seen/bought your products at the SVFM, and I am VERY IMPRESSED!  All I have had so far are your kikas, but I am eager to try out your other products as well. It is very rare indeed for a treat food to have absolutely NO harmful substances, and beyond that, to be filled with high-nutrient foods.  I can't tell you how impressed I am with what a delicious, guilt-free experience your kikas are.  You guys are really on to something unique and wonderful.  I wish you every success; you deserve it.  Our country and our children badly need efforts such as yours to correct the horrible condition of the American processed food diet.  Thank you so much." Eva A.

"I have gestational diabetes and am curious of the carb count. But as I bought a box of brownies on Sunday, they didn't seem to affect my blood sugar numbers. I'm hooked and have been telling everyone about them! You don't know what a treat it is for me to have an indulgence that's not bad for me." Carey M.


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