Hello there :) I picked up one of your banana nut muffins at the Whole Foods in......Texas the other day. I was having a terrible day- 19 weeks pregnant with twins, overwhelmed and exhausted with trying to feed myself and these babies with my insane amount of food allergies. I had called into work that day because I just couldn't handle it- anything I wanted to eat I would have to cook and I was too exhausted and nauseous to cook so I just wasn't eating much which meant that even though I was well into my 2nd trimester I was still only loosing weight as the pregnancy progressed. I opened up one of your muffins in the parking lot and consumed the whole thing in approximately 1/2 a second. It was DELICIOUS!! I almost cried- I had FINALLY found SOMETHING that was delicious and easy and whose ingredients wouldn't leave me feeling crummy - it was like my own personal little miracle. I've been buying out my stores selection on Sunday so I can have one of your muffins each morning for breakfast. I will be eagerly stalking your site for the day when I might be able to order products online or try some of your other selections. Thank you for all you are doing & for the blessing you have been to me and these 2 little babies my body is growing! May your company continue to grow and be blessed! - Chelsa



We are obsessed!.......we eat way too many! Great product, better than other cookies with loads of sugar! Love, love, love your product! - Amy


Hi I'm obsessed with your banana nut muffins....... - Jill



Hi Ruth! I got a cake from you early in January for a friend's baby shower. It was an absolute HUGE hit, people could not believe it was paleo! I'm reaching out again because......I wanted to see about getting a little smash cake and 2 of the 8" cakes as well. All chocolate on chocolate. :) I'm looking so forward to having your cake again! Thanks so very much. -Kat



I'm addicted to the Chewy Fudge Cookies. - Whitney



Love your Chewy Fudge Cookies....taste like brownies! - Debbie



OMG!!!....Love, love, love the chocolate cookies I found at Whole Foods downtown! I'm attempting the Ketogenic diet and was missing chocolate terribly. Can't wait for more of your products to be available. Keep up the fantastic work! - Terri



LOVE.....I just wanted to reach out to tell you how grateful I am to have found your products. I absolutely love the chewy fudge cookies and always have to have some in hand. Thank you thank you thank you! Keep doing what you're doing! - Amanda



Hi folks! While visiting Austin this weekend, I tried the most PHENOMENAL chocolate divinitos and blueberry muffin. Literally life changing for a person with allergies. Is there any chance you can mail to Chicago??? Or try to bust into the Chicago Whole Foods area? You guys would make an absolute killing here with all of us north side paleos! Cheers - Brenna